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Eamma caravans is one of the leading caravan dealers in Melbourne. We specialize in the buying and selling of caravans and other forms of recreational vehicles.

We Offer a Wide Range of Options

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to the purchase of caravans, our inventory is built to cater to your specification and the latest release of caravans from the manufacturers.

We bring you incredible products and designs that stand out from others, this and many more is why Eamma Caravans is a top option when it comes to buying caravans.

New Caravans

New caravans often have the advantage of sleeky designs with functions that make a caravan life more appealing to users. There are various newly designed forms of caravans and brands you can purchase from.

At Eamma, we bring you the latest product design that matches your taste and status, for your purchase of a new caravan, contact us.

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Used Caravans

We provide you with great options of becoming a caravan owner by buying used caravans, we possess a large array of caravans from individuals willing to sell off their caravans to new owners.

Used caravans are the types formerly used by different owners, caravans that are put up for sale are generally in good conditions, usable and saves cost when compared to the new caravan

Used RVs

Buying a used RV saves you a lot of cost as the original price of the new one would have depreciated before purchase. At Eamma, we offer you the sales of used RV as well, if you are looking for a used RV to purchase, we are your best bet, we offer different models of RVs to suit your desire for RV.

You can either purchase a used RV from a dealer or get an offer from a private owner.

New RVs

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are mostly referred to when talking about the different range of vehicles like campers, trailers and caravans. RVs come in different shapes and specifications to meet up the requirement of different users. There is a huge selection of RV to choose from, the common types include Class A, Class B, Class C etc.

Service & Repair

Constant servicing and repair are important for the maintenance of a caravan, caravans left to consistent use without an appropriate maintenance schedule are prone to more wear and tear, and breakdowns which quickly diminishes the value of the caravan.

Caravan Finance

There are diverse financial institution or agency that provide finance for individuals or businesses to purchase a caravan. The choice of finance to select is based on what type of caravan is to be obtained and what the caravan will be used for. There are majorly two choices for caravan finance; personal loan or loan from a dealer.


Insurance is always advised for a caravan although it is not mandatory by law. There are numerous benefits associated with getting insurance for a caravan, it helps against financial loss in the event of loss or damage to the caravan.