Eamma Caravans

Service & Repair

Caravans are mechanical vehicles and hence require constant or scheduled servicing and maintenance to keep them in appropriate shape. Caravans are also prone to damages, either accidents on the road, wear and tear, or any other form of damage that requires repair.

Constant servicing and repair are important for the maintenance of a caravan, caravans left to consistent use without an appropriate maintenance schedule are prone to more wear and tear, and breakdowns which quickly diminishes the value of the caravan.

There are various forms and means of carrying out servicing and repair of the caravan.

Maintenance servicing

Maintenance servicing is key to keeping your recreational in an optimum state, if you purchase a new caravan, it often comes with a warranty and scheduled maintenance servicing. Caravans are required to be serviced every 12 months, failure to service as at when due can lead to voiding of the warranty.

Asides from the voiding of warranty that can occur if the recreational vehicle is not serviced, it can also lead to the risk of life and property, servicing is a major safety precaution. It is even far more important to have regular servicing if you purchased a used caravan, even before its first use it should be serviced.

During servicing of recreational vehicles, there are several parts checked for proper functioning, some of the common areas inspected include:

  • Electrical systems: The electrical system of the caravan is of high importance, the system is inspected, the sockets are tested with the aid of a loop check to detect faults and ensure the wiring system is correct. Every gadget connected to the electrical system is also inspected to ensure proper functioning.
  • Gas systems: A check is done for the gas supply system to confirm that there is no gas leakage in the RV. Also, all gas appliances are inspected to check their proper functioning, including the vents and ducts.
  • Bodywork: The body of the RV forms its structural component, and protecting the structural integrity is important in getting the whole RV running. During servicing, the wood and framework are all inspected.

Insurance repairs

Like all mechanical vehicles, RVs are prone to collisions and damages, having insurance can cover the cost of repairing your RVs.

The process of getting an insurance repair is quite easy, provided you already have an existing insurance plan.

  • In the event of an accident or damage covered by your insurance company, call the insurance company to obtain a claim number.
  • With a claim number handy, you can easily call to have your RV repaired, your caravan can either be picked up or you can deliver it yourself.
  • Once the job is done you get your repaired Caravan back, easy and simple.

Accessories, Modifications and Upgrades

Accessories are also part of the maintenance schedule of an RV, parts that are damaged due to wear and tear or any other damage caused by usage. The parts are either replaced, modified or upgraded to suit the intended use.

A constant check of these parts during servicing helps in detecting faults or a need to modify parts.