Eamma Caravans

Used Caravans

A great option of owning a caravan and saving a buck of money is by buying a used caravan. Used caravans are the types formerly used by different owners, caravans that are put up for sale are generally in good conditions, usable and saves cost when compared to the new caravan.

We provide you with great options of becoming a caravan owner by buying used caravans, we possess a large array of caravans from individuals willing to sell off their caravans to new owners.

Before we facilitate the purchase of a used caravan there are several factors, we put into consideration to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the new buyer or our clients.

Proof of ownership

To sell off a caravan either directly to us, or when we facilitate sales of caravan between a seller and a buyer, one important requirement that has to be met by the seller is the evidence of ownership. The seller has to produce proof of ownership, this is to prevent buying a stolen or illegal caravan. The change in ownership gives you the confidence needed on the road when confronted by legal authorities.

We guarantee a safe environment for buying a used caravan that has been legally purchased.


The most used caravan might no longer be covered by a warranty from the manufacture; however, we carry out a proper inspection of caravans before buying. We ensure that the caravan is in a good working state and is worth buying at all.

Our technical teamwork in identifying faults from the caravan that can impair functions leaves you at no risk of buying a faulty caravan. As part of our standard procedure, we get adequate information about the used caravan; such as the former usage level of the caravan, nature of use, scheduled maintenance and repair. This helps in estimating the lifespan and durability of the caravan.

We also work in fixing minor faults and making repairs in caravans to optimize the overall function of the caravan before a sale, this gives more value to the caravan.

Getting a seller

Another option of getting a used caravan is by connecting directly with someone willing to sell off a caravan. At Eamma, we also work in connecting our clients with prospective sellers, not to worry, we oversee the inspection and buying process for you so you’ve got nothing to worry about being cheated or getting the wrong type of caravan.

You can either identify a seller of a caravan, or we connect you with a seller, in either way we assist in the buying process and put your interest first.

Getting right value

One of the reasons why a used caravan is an option is typical because of the lesser cost spent in getting one rather than a new caravan. It is important to get a fair price for buying the used caravan.

Our team helps in getting the right value for every used caravan, we ensure our clients get the best value for what they are purchasing based on the durability of the caravan, maintenance and specification.