Eamma Caravans


As one of Australia’s best caravan dealer, Eamma Caravan offer you different brands and types of caravan that will give a comforting and memorable camping experience. Our speciality ensures that you do not leave your home behind while on your travelling tours, either alone or in companies, we got just the right caravan for you

Our years of experience in dealing with caravans and various manufacturers gives us the competitive age of offering the best price value to our clients, we also get direct incentives from the manufacturers that we make available to our customers. For your next stop for caravans, Eamma Caravan is the home for the best choice.

What do we do?

We sell elegant and durable forms of caravans that meet the modern world elegance and sophistication, and also rugged enough to handle the strain of the road and weather conditions.

Our Caravans are from different top leading brands in the world, who make excellent and fantastic caravans. Our pride dwells in the ability to bring about quality items to those interested in getting caravans from us.

We sell both direct newly produced caravans from the factory, and we also sell used caravans, whichever is your option we have your back. For used caravans, our technical team carry out a detailed examination of each caravan before adding them to our stocks. We only make room for quality products that can stand the test of time and the strength of the road.


Our services at Eamma are not only limited to technical details of buying and selling caravans alone, we also oversee every area that concerns our client in purchasing a caravan. We offer consultation and technical advice to our clients, some of the areas whereby we offer consultations include:

  • Car finance: We are not a financial institution at Eamma Caravans, but we can bank on our years of experience and expertise in the industry to offer solicited advice on how to go about obtaining finance for caravans.

Our relationship with various brokers and financial lenders can serve as leverage for our clients as we provide updated information that will help navigate the process of getting a loan with the best loan term.

  • Insurance: Another key aspect we make sure our clients are aware of is the need to get insurance for caravans purchased from us, insurance helps in guiding against the huge cost that would have been faced in the event of loss or damage of the caravan.

We connect our clients to leading insurance brands that can be guaranteed professional services.

Our values

We always want to stand tall as a home for quality purchase of caravans and delivering optimum professional services to our clients at Eamma Caravans.