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New RVs

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are mostly referred to when talking about the different range of vehicles like campers, trailers and caravans, it covers a wide range of vehicles. As the name implies getting an RV offers the comfort needed to be on the road while having the experience of the home, it is great for travel trips and vacation.

RVs come in different shapes and specifications to meet up the requirement of different users. There is a huge selection of RV to choose from, the common types include:

Class A

The Class A RV is quite large with about 30-45 feet in length, it consists of different types including diesel motor homes. Their large size makes them very spacious and they come with different amenities and features

Class B

Class B is usually smaller in size than the class A type of RV, it often comes with 16 to 22 feet and referred to as the conversion van. The class B van has amenities that include bathroom, kitchen and living conditions for the comfort of about four people.

Class C

Class C are commonly used in an entertainment centre or used as a store, it is a mixture of a truck and a camper with the required gear and equipment inside of it. Class C offers ease of comfort for those looking forward to using an RV.


The fifth wheel RV is a towable form of RV different from the other class series that features a truck and a camper. Among the towable series of RV, the fifth wheel is the most spacious, it provides additional floorspace and amenities.

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are one of the most popular types of RV, they retain popularity by their incredible lower costs, travel trailers are more affordable for those avoiding the high-cost price of other class of RV. It has a large space and all the necessary equipment.

Toy Hauler

The toy hauler has a blend of the fifth wheel and the travel trailer. One of the distinguishable features of the toy hauler is the ramp present at the back giving more flexibility to load things on board.

Getting a new RV

As listed, there are different models and type of RV to choose from, choice will be dependent on the purpose of the RV and also the cost. The cost of getting a new RV depends on what type and size of RV are to be purchased.

We offer you a great choice of RV that suits your need at the best cost, whatever your expectations are, we equally match them at Eamma.